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Your Employees

Benefits of an EAP

  • October 14, 2021
  • HR

Do you have an EAP? As an employer, you should have a vested interest in the abilities of your employees to work to their highest possible potential. As such, employee assistance programs (EAPs) both incentivize your workers to do their…

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Stressed Business Man

Social Engineering Red Flags

  • October 13, 2021
  • Tech

What is Social Engineering? It is the art of manipulating, influencing, or deceiving you in order to gain control over your computer system. The hacker might use the phone, email, snail mail or direct contact to gain illegal access. Phishing,…

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Tax Review

New Guidance on Claiming the ERTC

On August 4, the IRS issued further guidance on the employee retention tax credit (ERTC), including guidance for employers who pay qualified wages after June 30, 2021, and before Jan. 1, 2022, and issues that apply to the ERTC in…

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