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What Our Clients Say

"I needed help getting my small business' books organized, efficient, and streamlined, and Accountability Plus got me straightened away in short order. Besides their experienced and knowledgeable staff who were always available for my questions, I was constantly impressed by the courteous approach of each of the employees I interacted with. Accountability Plus turned what seemed like an insurmountable task of getting our books organized into an educational, enjoyable, and goal oriented process that has improved the way we run our business."

"I appreciate and trust the support I receive from Accountability Plus (and, more recently, Payroll Vault) for bookkeeping and payroll services. I count on the accuracy, attention to detail and timeliness of Antoinette's handling of our accounts, and she is reliably there when I have questions or need assistance. I am pleased to recommend Accountability Plus to anyone needing business services and support."

"I am extremely thankful for Accountability Plus' support of our nonprofit. They have made my job so much easier by taking on tasks that Patsy and now Erin complete in minutes that would take me hours! Erin is superb to work with. She answers my emails quickly and we seem to have figured out an efficient way for her to complete her work for us. Similarly with payroll - I usually deal with Cindy - everything gets taken care of perfectly and speedily. With Frank now calling occasionally to check how everything is going, and OV and Karen always willing to take a call or answer an email, I feel so well cared for. I could not be happier with Accountability Plus or more thankful."

"As Kenny Loggins Business Manager, my days can be extremely busy.  When we hired Accountability Plus, it was with the intention to make my position in the company a little less overloaded.  Antoinette Crawford has been a key role in our organization since she joined us!  Not only does she make my day to day workload much more manageable, she pays attention to detail and oversees our financial responsibilities with dedication and confidentiality. It's been a pleasure working with her for the past 6 years, and I look forward to continuing to work with her for many years to come."

"Andy takes care of our business in a timely manner and always lets us know what would help him improve our bookkeeping from his end. Always there to answer questions and help make this part of owning a business a no brainer. Great team to work with every single day."

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