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Going Paperless Can Benefit Your Business

Going Paperless Can Benefit Your Business

Businesses today continue to be at hostage to paper-based systems. Only 18% of organizations today are truly paperless. Handling paper is cumbersome, reduces efficiency and can be extremely expensive. These paper-intensive, manual processes hold you back. Especially in today’s work environment, your work documents may be spread between multiple locations, and this can make finding information extremely difficult.  Accountability Plus works with several cloud-based apps that can:

  • Save money by increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Make information easy to find by allowing access to financial documents to specified users from any location
  • Create an approval and review workflow process for invoices and expenses
  • Reduce and/or eliminate paper as well as your carbon footprint

We have extensive experience with Hubdoc, Expensify and Bill. com – three leading technologies that allow us to capture invoices, expenses, bill approvals, payments and reconciliations – so you never have to track and store paper documents or receipts.  Not only does this improve daily workplace efficiency and save you countless headaches, it’s also better for the environment. Going digital minimizes you carbon footprint and reduces paper waste. That means you can spend less time scanning, filling and organizing the mountain of bills, invoices and receipts you have on your desk, and more time making headway on important projects.

Digitizing your documents is easy. You can forward documents you receive in emails directly to the software. You can scan and upload documents from your computer to the website or can snap a photo from your phone with the app. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) will read your documents and help sort and categorize, automatically entering information like: Vendor or Customer names, Invoice numbers, Dollar amounts and more. The scanned documents are indexed and searchable for easy access and retrieval.

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